Co-Pastor Carpenter

        Co-Pastor Brenda Carpenter As she is affectionally known, First Lady Carpenter is devoted to the vision of the ministry and she is a true missionary. She is there to assist her husband in any way possible with all the duties to ensure that his vision for the ministry is fulfilled. She believes in ministering to those in need and the lost. Like her husband, First Lady Carpenter has a heart for the people of God. First Lady Carpenter is the founder of Women of Renounce Destiny(WORD). Women of Renounce Destiny is a women's fellowship of women that meet. She believes that when we come to the realization that we are the "apple of our fathers eye, that we are joint heirs with Christ and ambassadors for Christ" it opens avenues for us to gain a better understanding and knowledge of what God requires. She believes that it will also teach us how to walk and live by his word daily. She is an anointed women of God that teaches the Word of God without compromise.  
Sunday Morning Service